Beating both temptations of perfectionism - the replay

This kickoff replay is available to watch for free through the month of October. It's not too late to join us in building these routines together!

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October 2019 Kickoff

Slowly build a plan for your minimum viable home routine.

Ideally, you'll have 3 15 chunks - morning, afternoon, and evening - that form the core routines which will stave off chaos. As we go along, we will also figure out - each for our own situation - what else ought to be done and how often, not so that our home stays clean but so that we stay faithful in our responsibilities.⁠

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You're not alone.

by April B

I wish I'd learned this earlier!

by April B

I carried Sweep & Smile out to completion because it didn’t come to me in a bundle, but slowly made its way to me every week, encouraging and helping me see how to implement the steps. There is a lot of powerful information in condensed emails. Nothing was overwhelming or time consuming. I so needed the information and encouragement from this course when I had 4 under the age of 8. It would have been a life saver! Its wisdom went beyond maintaining the house.
by Amberley A

It made a huge difference in my home.

by Amberley A

I just want to say thank you for organizing and facilitating this course. It has made a big difference for me in figuring out how to implement routines that work for ME and my house and my energy level. Much appreciated!
by Nina C.

Keeping our eyes on Jesus!

by Nina C.

This course is a blessing to every wife who has not quite mastered the care + upkeep of her home or is lacking joy in her duties. The work is broken into doable bits. By implementing new habits weekly, students are equipped to successfully and faithfully prepare their homes for service without the depressing boom and bust cycle we have all known. It’s not just practical how-to, it’s invaluable know-how that reaches the innermost spiritual obstacles and attitudes, so that we may not only complete our work, but do it joyfully as unto the LORD.
by Sarah R.

Baby steps really work

by Sarah R.

It was so helpful to build our own routines, and little by little. I’ve tried many other routines, etc. but either didn’t keep up or didn’t even start as it was too overwhelming to add so many things into my day at once. This was great to take it piece by piece so it builds naturally. I loved the weekly chats, forum and Q&A to learn great ideas from other in the same boat!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Getting Started
    • Overview
    • Beating Perfectionism - Kickoff Session 2019
    • The Housework Treadmill - Kickoff Session - 2017
    • Sweep & Smile Kickoff Session - Spring 2018
  • 2
    Week 1: Morning & Evening Routine
    • Week 1 Checklist
    • Week 1 Lesson: Morning & Evening Routine
    • Keeping Routines Realistic - Troubleshooting Session - Summer 2017
    • Build Faithfulness with Routines - Troubleshooting Session - Spring 2018 with Abby Wahl
    • Choosing the Right Routines - Troubleshooting Session - Summer 2018
    • Morning & Evening Routine Basics Checklist (Bonus) FREE PREVIEW
  • 3
    Week 2: Laundry & Bathrooms
    • Week 2 Checklist
    • Week 2 Lesson: Laundry & Bathrooms
    • Troubleshooting Session - Spring 2018
    • Troubleshooting Session - Summer 2018
    • Troubleshooting Session - Fall 2017
  • 4
    Week 3: Living Room & EHAP
    • Week 3 Checklist
    • Week 3 Lesson: Living Room & EHAP
    • Troubleshooting Session - Summer 2017
    • Troubleshooting Session - Spring 2018
    • Troubleshooting Session - Summer 2018
  • 5
    Week 4: Kitchen
    • Week 4 Checklist
    • Week 4: Kitchen
    • Troubleshooting Session - Summer 2017
    • Troubleshooting Session - Spring 2018
    • Troubleshooting Session - Summer 2018
  • 6
    Week 5: Bedrooms
    • Week 5 Checklist
    • Week 5 Lesson: Bedrooms
    • Troubleshooting Session - Summer 2017
    • Sweep & Smile Summer 2018 - Week 5 Troubleshooting Chat
    • Sweep & Smile 2018 Troubleshooting Chat, week 5
  • 7
    Week 6: Extra Jobs
    • Week 6 Checklist
    • Week 6 Lesson: Extra Jobs
    • Troubleshooting Session - Summer 2017
    • Troubleshooting Session - Spring 2018
    • Troubleshooting Session - Summer 2018
    • Bonus: Perpetual Checklist