Homemaking is hard.

But you can do it.

Simplified Organization will help you tackle all the things.

Become a better homemaker.

Homemaking includes so many pieces and parts, but we tackle them all.

  • 1
    Getting Started
    • Overview
  • 2
    Declutter your head.
    • Lesson
    • Brain Dump Guide
  • 3
    Name your vocations
    • Lesson
    • Vocation Guide
    • Vocations - Troubleshooting Session 2018
  • 4
    Define good homemaking.
    • Lesson
    • Homemaking Alignment Worksheet
  • 5
    Manage the stuff.
    • Lesson
  • 6
    Budget your resources.
    • Lesson
  • 7
    Devise basic routines.
    • Lesson
  • 8
    Simplify your kitchen
    • Menu plan printable
    • Kitchen space & stuff
    • Feed your people.
  • 9
    Work within relationships.
    • Lesson
  • 10
    Utilize Teamwork.
    • Build your team.
    • Set up a family chore system.
  • 11
    Set the stage.
    • Lesson.
  • 12
    Beautify your touch. - coming soon
    • Lesson
  • 13
    Expand your capacity.
    • Lesson

Sometimes home life is overwhelming.

But we can help you tame the chaos bit by bit.

  • Insightful lessons

    Be challenged and encouraged by the meaty lessons, available in both written and audio form. These lessons will always point you back to truth and what really matters.

  • Practical applications

    Real-life application is woven into the course, so you don't just know what to do, but you get practice actually doing it.

  • Help & accountability

    Our community and targeted chat rooms are active with women there for one another, to celebrate, to pray, and to help.

Your home is a resource to be stewarded faithfully.

That's what we work on, together.

by Kortney Garrison

"workable strategies"

by Kortney Garrison

Working through Simplified Organization has been transformational for me. It really helped me connect the dots and brought such clarity. Working through this course has helped me identify problem areas and given me workable strategies to overcome them. I keep coming back again and again, and every time it is helpful.