Course curriculum

  • 1
    Getting started.
  • 2
    Week 1: Prayer
  • 3
    Week 2: Movement
    • Week 2 Checklist
    • Week 2 Lesson: Fuel your body with movement.
    • Troubleshooting Session #1
    • Troubleshooting Session #2
  • 4
    Week 3: Reading
    • Week 3 Checklist
    • Week 3 Lesson: Fill your mind with reading
    • Troubleshooting Session #1
    • Troubleshooting Session #2
  • 5
    Week 4: Self-Talk
    • Week 4 Checklist
    • Week 4 Lesson: Fix your attitude with self-talk
    • Troubleshooting Session #1
    • Troubleshooting Session #2
  • 6
    Week 5: Smile
    • Week 5 Checklist
    • Week 5 Lesson: Fortify your relationships with smiles
    • Troubleshooting Session #1
    • Troubleshooting Session #2
  • 7
    Week 6: Practice
    • Week 6 Checklist
    • Week 6: Foster your habits with practice
    • Troubleshooting Session #1
    • Troubleshooting Session #2 - with Abby Wahl
  • 8
    Bonus Week: Water
    • Bonus Week Checklist
    • Bonus Week: Facilitate your habits with water

What people are saying...

by Sara Drew

More of what matters

by Sara Drew

Humble Habits resulted in lasting change for me. Mystie helped me understand how habits are formed. I had no idea that cues and rewards were so important, but they really work! And it's not "extra work on top of all the stuff." Humble Habits helped me work into my everyday routines things for which I'd been longing: more prayer, more reading, moving more. And the mindset change was so helpful for me (an all-or-nothing kind of personality). I'm thankful to the Lord for Mystie's teaching and leading. It's made a difference for me.
Joanne Van Winkle

These habits stick!

Joanne Van Winkle

The prayer and movement habits I set up months ago have carried through even my worst days! My prayer card is on the bathroom mirror, and every time I wash my hands, I pray. I also had set up the habit of making the bed every day, and after getting dressed, doing 5 bicep curls. I normally do at least 20 or 30, plus a few tricep extensions since I have the weights in my hand already. Through sickness in our family, I kept those habits up because they are who I am now. So, yay! And thank you so much for your wonderful program and encouragement!
Dawn Simpson

Dawn Simpson

I am thankful to God for His lovingkindness and patience as I have struggled with good habits and discipline. This Humble Habits course has been one of the means He has used to grow greater faithfulness in my life. This course has helped me cultivate my relationship with the Lord and my relationship with others. It hasn’t happened overnight, but seeds have been sown and are now being watered! Thank you, Mystie for your humble camaraderie and encouragement! God has used you to bless me and in turn the other people in my life, including the stranger (the smile habit ?) at the grocery store. This course can be a blessing to anyone willing! Join us!

My eyes are opened to process and my new perspective feels hopeful instead of heavy. I got to a place that having a new idea felt discouraging and heavy because I knew I wouldn’t follow through. The problem wasn’t me, it was wrong thinking. So grateful for the freedom this course has blessed me with.