Be intentional & cheerful - both.

Living an intentional life is about serving others;

we can do that better when we feel refreshed and capable.

Simplified Organization will get you there.

Get the insight and guidance you need.

  • 1
    Getting Started
    • Overview
    • Program Kickoff Session - January 2019 Replay
  • 2
    Living Story
  • 3
    Practice Gratitude: Build the Habit
    • Practice Gratitude: Lesson
    • Member-Only Troubleshooting Session on Gratitude (2017 Replay)
  • 4
    Growing Focus
    • Growing Focus: Brain Dump
    • Growing Focus: Lesson
    • Growing Focus Alignment Assignment
  • 5
    Chronic Smile: Build the Habit
    • Chronic Smile: Lesson
    • Simplified Organization Member Workshop: Smile! (2018)
  • 6
    Seeing Purpose
    • Seeing Purpose: Lesson
    • Seeing Purpose: Brain Dump
    • Seeing Purpose: Alignment Assignment
  • 7
    Paradigm Shift: Build the Habit
    • Paradigm Shift: Lesson
    • Beat Perfectionism - Member-Only Troubleshooting Session (2018)
  • 8
    Planning Rhythms
    • Planning Rhythms: Brain Dump
    • Planning Rhythms: Lesson
    • Planning Rhythms: Alignment Assignment
  • 9
    Energy Plot
    • Energy Plot Lesson
    • Member-Only Troubleshooting Replay: Rest & Energy (2018)
  • 10
    Balancing Wobbles
    • Balancing Wobbles: Brain Dump
    • Balancing Wobbles: Lesson
    • Balancing Wobbles: Alignment Assignment
  • 11
    Iteration Mindset
    • Iteration Mindset: Lesson
    • Iteration Mindset: Video Discussion
  • 12
    Practicing Service
    • Practice Service: Alignment Assignment
    • Practice Service: Lesson
  • 13
    Servant Leadership
    • Servant Leadership: Lesson
    • Service & Rest: Member-only troubleshooting session replay (2018)

Changing your attitude is hard,

but we have a process for making it doable.

  • Insightful lessons

    Be challenged and encouraged by the meaty lessons, available in both written and audio form.

  • Action items

    Real-life application is woven into the course, so you don't just know what to do, but you get practice actually doing it.

  • Help & accountability

    Our community and targeted chat rooms are active with women there for one another, to celebrate, to pray, and to help.

Organize your attitude so you can organize your life.

This course will show you how.

by Sarah Arnold

"This course has been a lifeline."

by Sarah Arnold

I just wanted to thank you for all your solid work and deep sweet honesty in putting together the simplified organization course. Your ideas are so thorough and practical, but I've never before worked through something like this that led to worship of God. Your way of addressing the deepest, most critical needs is beautiful.