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Stefani Mons, TX

Honest but helpful

Stefani Mons, TX

I just want to say how much I love Convivial Circle! For a long time on Facebook, it was impossible Pinterest-perfect standards (bragging about vacations, perfect pictures, best elf on the shelf ideas, etc.), but now it's become a race to the bottom (bragging about being the most tired, the most lazy, etc.). It's really annoying. I like that on Convival Circle, we're all just real. We don't have to be Pinterest perfect, but we also don't have to relegate ourselves to celebrating sins and shortcomings--we can build each other up and improve!
Lindsay Wallick

Growing in faithfulness

Lindsay Wallick

Mystie is wonderful! Her classes are wonderful and have helped transform my life into being a little bit more organized every time :) Humble Habit takes you back to the basics that are easy to forget when life gets crazy! We all need reminders to put self discipline back into action for the good of ourselves and those around us! Grateful for this class and many of her others!

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by Sarah Rooney

Camaraderie in the journey

by Sarah Rooney

I love how authentic and encouraging the community is! Connecting with women who are working on similar struggles with home management, schooling, etc, and just taming our inner two-year-olds is so helpful. The accountability and sharing of ideas and support are so valuable! I am so blessed to be part of this group. I highly recommend it!
Catie Newby

Grounded Perspective

Catie Newby

I have read a lot of organizing books and blogs and the thing I love about YOURS and that stands out to me is that you have the perspective of a homeschooling mom! And as you know, some organizing issues are specific to homemakers and homeschoolers. Your wisdom and advice is SO HELPFUL.
Lori Seaman

Do the right next thing

Lori Seaman

I have tried a lot of different planning programs, and I always get stuck on long-term planning. Trying to imagine the future makes little sense and feels very overwhelming. I am really loving the freedom of focusing on where I am now and what my responsibilities are now, trusting that if I am faithful in this, God will bring new opportunities into my life when the time is right. Thank you for showing me the way out of frustration.

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